Wind Rebate Program Overview

Rebate Program Overview

Micro wind systems are supported through a hybrid rebate consisting of two parts:
Rebate 1: Will be based on the rated capacity of the system at 11 m/s (taken from the system’s power curve).
Rebate 2: Will be based on the verified estimate of kilowatt-hours produced by the system for its first year of operation.

Ninety percent of the rebate will be paid after project completion and ten percent will be paid after 12 months reporting of electricity production and monitored wind data. The total rebate is capped at:

$4.00/watt and $100,000 per project for non-public entities, and

$5.20/watt and $130,000 per project for public entities.

The Applicant must demonstrate that 50% or more of the renewable energy produced by the proposed renewable energy system is expected to be used onsite or assigned through net metering based on annual production and usage estimates. For example, the Applicant’s onsite annual electricity consumption and expected net metering accounts must be greater than or equal to 50% of the estimated annual production of the renewable system. Only new construction projects may use energy modeling or similar estimates to demonstrate 50% onsite or assigned usage.

The Installation Rebate is calculated based on rated capacity (kW) using the following equation:

Rated Capacity X 460 + 3200

The Estimated Performance Rebate will be paid with the installation incentive based on estimated electricity production. Estimated electricity production must be calculated using the Commonwealth Wind Evaluation and Siting Tool (CWEST) which is available through Attachment C. The estimated annual production and applicable assumptions will be verified by MassCEC. Please note that CWEST estimates must utilize a 10% wind speed derate factor, as stated in the Customer and Project Requirements section of this solicitation.

The Estimated Performance Rebate is based on Expected Production (kWh) and rated capacity (kW) using the following equation:

Expected Production x 2.8 x (Rated capacity -0.29)

For projects that, after 12 months of operation, outperform their estimated performance, a bonus incentive may be available. This bonus incentive is paid on a $/kWh basis and is of equivalent value to the projected performance incentive. This total bonus incentive is limited to 20% of the estimated performance incentive.

Production-Only Rebate Structure

MassCEC is also currently piloting a “production-only” incentive for projects that do not fall under our Standard Rebate Structure because they do not meet the expected minimum performance threshold. Please see the solicitation documents for further details.

Mandatory System Energy Production Reporting

System Owners of MassCEC-funded renewable energy projects or their designee must report the

system’s electrical output every month to MassCEC’s Production Tracking System (PTS) for at least the

first year of operation.

Reporting Background. In summary, reporting to the PTS involves the following steps:

1. Once the Applicant is awarded a rebate, MassCEC or the PTS Administrator will email the

Awarded Applicant PTS login information including a username and password. The Awarded

Applicant should log in at this time and keep this information in a safe place for later use.

2. Upon project completion, the System Owner, or designated representative, must go to the PTS

website specified in the instructions and enter all first time data (e.g. date the renewable energy

system started producing power).

Complete List Massachusetts Approved Wind Turbines (3/1/2012)

MANUFACTURER MODEL Rotor Diameter (Ft) kW RATING at 11 M/S
ACSA A27 88.6 181
Aeronautica 29-225 95 171
Aeronautica 47-750/660 154 549
Aerostar 6 meter 19.7 7.49
Bergey Windpower BWC XL.1 8.2 1.0
Bergey Windpower BWC EXCEL-S 23 8.86
Cascade Renewable Energy Swift Mark II 7 0.92
Endurance Wind Power S-343 20.9 5.2
Endurance Wind Power E-3120 (three phase) 63 54.8
Endurance Wind Power E-3120 (single phase) 63 48
Enertech E13 44 34
Eoltec Scirocco E5.6-6 18.4 5.72
Evance E9000 18 4.6
Gaia-Wind 133-11 42.6 11.8
Northern Power Systems North Wind 100 69 77.7
Seaforth Energy AOC 15/50 49.2 42.4
Southwest Windpower Whisper 200 9 0.98
Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 12 2.24
Southwest Windpower Whisper 500 15 3
Vergnet GEV 105 243
Wind Energy Solutions Tulipo 16.4 2.625
Wind Energy Solutions WES 18 59 63.8
Wind Energy Solutions WES 30 98.4 179
Wind Turbine Industries Jacobs 31-20 31 16.97
Xzeres Wind 110 11.8 2.5
Xzeres Wind 442 23.6 9.17 



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