Residential Wind Power

SunWind offers quality turbines for any need large or small from a number of manufacturers. We have done our due diligence and install only the most reliable, top performing wind turbines on the market today. We constantly monitor the industry for cutting edge technology that we can bring to our customers and are proud to offer machines that outperform the competition. SunWind installs wind turbines that are on the Massachusetts approved list and a select number of new technology machines. A wind turbine is a sizeable investment which must be carefully planned and designed for optimal performance. Fortunately, the state provides rebates for wind projects with capacities from 1 kW to 99 kW through the Micro Wind Program for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public facilities. Additionally, federal and state tax credits also help to defer the cost of a wind turbine installation. SunWind provides customers with reliable turnkey wind projects and handles all aspects of the process including the Micro Wind rebate application, securing required permits, utility interconnection, site preparation and installation, rebate completion documentation, inspections, operations and maintenance. There are many factors to consider when determining if a wind turbine is right for your home. SunWind strongly recommends a feasibility study as a first step in the process which at minimum includes; confirming the annual wind speed at the site, review site elevation and surrounding topography, costs, incentives and energy production of the proposed turbine and a review of the customers annual energy consumption. SunWind provides customers with site specific information available from multiple wind speed maps and calculators. We strongly recommend on site data collection using meteorological instruments at the proposed hub height for a minimum of six months, a full year of data for the most accurate annual energy forecast. Sunwind can install meteorological towers, measurement equipment and data acquisitions systems for any size project. As can be seen in the wind speed map below Massachusetts wind resources scattered across three regions of the state; Berkshires, Central and Coastal communities.