Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Energy

Heat your water with the Sun, not with fossil fuels!

The sun produces an enormous amount of energy on a daily basis and man has been using it to his advantage for thousands of years. Today’s technology allows us to capture and store the sun’s energy in many different ways. Solar thermal systems can heat water for domestic and space heating as well as air conditioning when combined with central heating systems.

We offer the most efficient solar thermal flat plate collectors and storage tanks available on the market today. These systems when sized properly can meet your entire domestic hot water demands, compliment your existing heating and cooling systems while saving you a substantial amount of money over the life of the system. These systems are available for residential and commercial use in many industries. Solar Thermal Systems are the most cost effective way in which you can reduce your energy consumption and have the fastest return on initial investment!!

New* Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Rebate is available to all Massachusetts residents that are served by one of the four public utilities (NStar, National Grid, WMECO and Unitil) as an electric or gas customer.

The rebate is available to single or multi family dwellings and is based on the BTU rating of the solar thermal collector as rated by the Solar Rating Certification Council (SRCC). The rebate is calculated by using the rating of the collector on a mildly cloudy day, category “C” (water heating) in a cool climate. We offer the highest efficiency collectors with the best rating available to maximize your rebate and produce the maximum amount of energy for your water heating, space heating or pool heating needs. Please be aware that the rebate is not allowed for pool heating systems although to be eligible for the rebate a system must have a heat dissipater and a pool is the best place to dump excess heat produced in the summer. Below is an example of the Ma. CEC rebate with 3 collectors and a 120 gallon Massachusetts made solar storage tank. Approximate installed cost of $12,500.00 3 collector system with a rating of 30KBTU/day x $25.00/KBTU = $750ea. X 3 collectors = $2,250.00 Tank Adder: $200.00 Total State Rebate: $2,450.00 The system is also eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit x $12,500.00 = $3,750.00 State tax Credit of 15% up to $1,000.00 Total Installed cost after all incentives: $5,300.00 Take advantage of the 0% interest rate loan for 7 years to finance your project and save up to 330 gallons of oil per year. At $3.25 gallon the annual savings would be 1,075.00 per year! These systems are designed and built to last for 25 years, the economic and environmental savings make a residential solar thermal system a sound investment. Contact SunWind, LLC today for a free consultation and site evaluation.

Federal Tax Credits, Grants, State Tax Credits, 0% Loans, Utility Rebates available

Solar Thermal Systems are eligible for a 30% Tax Credit of the total installed cost of the system for individuals and commercial installations. Grants are available to businesses in lieu of the tax credit and covers the cost of “Depreciable or Amortizable Property”, the Gant is sent within sixty days of the system being placed in service or from the time the application is received by the Department of the U.S. Treasury. State Tax Credits are available for residential installation in the amount of 15% of the system up to $1,000 of the cost of the system. 0% Loan programs are available for residential and multifamily dwellings for Solar Water heating systems and many other improvements to building efficiency. The terms are 0% for loans $2,000 to $10,000 for a period of up to 7 years!! Utility Rebate Program is available for residential, multifamily dwellings, and commercial installations in lieu of the 0% loan program. This program is only available to participants that are natural gas customers. Rebate amounts vary per utility provider. Consider the advantages of year round water heating with a Solar Thermal System. It will provide instant equity and return on investment is reached in 8-10 years. You will also have made a smart and environmentally friendly investment that will provide 30 to 40 years of service with minimal maintenance!!!