USDA Taking Applications for Rural and Farm Energy Funding

On January 20, USDA announced that it is taking applications for Rural Energy for America
(REAP) funding. For FY2012, USDA has $25.4 million in budget authority for REAP,
which will support at least $12.5 million in grant funding and approximately $48.5 million in
loan guarantees.

USDA is taking applications for all components of the REAP program with the following

• renewable energy system and energy efficiency improvement grant applications and
combination grant and guaranteed loan applications until March 30, 2012;

• renewable energy system and energy efficiency improvement guaranteed loan only
applications on a continuous basis up to June 29, 2012;

• renewable energy system feasibility study applications through March 30, 2012;

• energy audits and renewable energy development assistance applications through
February 21, 2012.

Agricultural producers and rural small businesses are eligible for the grants and loans for
renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. USDA announced that
applicants who applied for these grants and loans in FY2011 and were determined to be eligible,
but were not funded, may submit a written request to USDA to consider the FY2011 application
for FY2012 funds.

Additional information on REAP is available at the USDA website for the program.


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