Massachusetts Solar Rebate Program Restarting in January 2010.

The new solar rebate programs – Commonwealth Solar II and Commonwealth Solar Stimulus – are now accepting rebate applications for residential and commercial projects to help finance the installation of these solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.  The application process, award requirements and forms are underdevelopment is ready. Contact SunWind LLC for help in understanding these new rebate programs — we are happy to answer any questions.  The original letter from the Commonwealth Solar Team and the proposed rebate levels for each program are set and are shown below.

Dear Massachusetts Solar Stakeholder:Building on the success of the Commonwealth Solar rebate program, on Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 2:00pmthe Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will open its solicitations for the first blocks of the new Commonwealth Solar II and Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Programs. No applications will be accepted before 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time from either Expedited or Non-Expedited Installers/Integrators.A revamped and updated Commonwealth Solar website ( will be available on the morning of January 26. You will also be able to access the website from In addition, the most recent webinar regarding the new Commonwealth Solar programs and the Solar RPS Carve-Out are already available on the website.

From the website’s main page, you will be able to access separate pages for the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program or the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program. For each program, there will be links to the relevant solicitation documents including program manuals, applications, and requirements, including important guidance on reporting requirements for projects that receive funding under the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program. Please review all of these documents carefully before submitting applications.

For further guidance, the Commonwealth Solar Team is compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which will be available on the Commonwealth Solar website for reference and will be updated periodically.

We are excited to build on the successes of the original Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program, which issued awards for 23.5 megawatts (MW) of solar power in less than two years. As part of the Patrick-Murray Administration’s Massachusetts Recovery Plan to secure the state’s economic future, the $4 million for Block 1 of the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program comes from $8 million in State Energy Program funding from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The $1 million for Block 1 of the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program comes from existing funds of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the new home of the Renewable Energy Trust, looks forward to putting this new pool of funding to work providing rebates for solar projects that will help us to achieve Governor Patrick’s goal of 250 MW of solar energy by 2017.

Finally, please contact the Commonwealth Solar Team at [email protected] if you are not already on the solar stakeholder distribution list.

Thank you for your support of solar power in Massachusetts!

Best Regards,
The Commonwealth Solar Team


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