Commercial Solar Power

Why Solar

Solar Power is a great option for reducing your businesses electrical bills. Any size business small, large or institutional can quickly see the economic benefit of a solar system. Not only will you instantly reduce your operating expenses, you will also benefit from the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) program which provides you with income for producing clean solar energy, Federal Tax Credits, State Tax Credits and Depreciation which reduces your taxable income. On average a SunWind installed solar system has a 3 year return on investment or a 400% return with an average of 25% per year over the first ten years!

Why SunWind

With our industry leading installation Warranty (triple that of our competitors) SunWind offers a 3 year comprehensive warranty covering all parts and labor along with a 99% uptime guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of materials we provide and our installation practices that we are the only solar installers in New England offering this exclusive warranty as standard with every installation. Extended warranties and annual service plans are available, quoted upon request. Even if SunWind did not install your commercial solar panels we can provide a maintenance schedule to keep your system producing energy at peak levels.


Solar systems are widely accepted alternative energy systems and are easily permitted through local building enforcement agencies. This means that your project is quickly permitted, installed and commissioned. SunWind shall provide each client with a schedule outlining the permit and construction schedule. Have special site requirements? Not a problem, SunWind can ensure that our work does not affect your businesses daily operations schedule.

Benefits of Monitoring

Today’s solar systems are equipped with Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) which allow the end user and SunWind to monitor your system performance 24/7. Real time monitoring has revolutionized system feedback and troubleshooting with communication over existing power lines. Data analysis software automatically detects and locates faults within the system for faster service and more uptime.

Superior Products

SunWind strives to use American Made products and through our relationships with manufactures we are able to cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to our customer. Not only are many of the products we use in our installation manufactured in the USA they also provide the highest tolerances, highest efficiencies and best in the industry warranties. Don’t risk your solar investment with inferior imported solar products!