Solar Power Options

Solar Power Options

When it comes to installing a solar system on your property you have several options.

Roof Mounted

Solar Panels In Action The most common application is a roof mounted system, most roofs will easily be outfitted with solar. There are several key factors to confirm when considering installing a solar array on the roof of your home or business.

Is the roof capable of handling the additional load of the solar array? This can be done by checking the size and condition of the structural components.

Will there be enough roof space available for the size of the system you would like to install?

How much shading from trees, chimneys or other equipment will cover the array?

What is the condition of the roofing surface and how many layers of roofing are currently in place? A solar array will be on the roof for over Twenty Five years so it is important that the integrity of the roofing material is adequate.

If for any one of these reasons the solar array can not be installed on the roof one may consider installing a ground mounted, pole mounted array. When installing a ground mounted or pole mounted solar array careful consideration should be given to the placement of the system on the property.

  1. The system must be in a location that is free of all shading from buildings, trees, or other structures that would reduce the output of the system.
  2. The system should be places in a location that will allow for underground wiring to be run from the array to the building. Avoid having to excavate near other buried utilities, septic systems etc… or at a distance that would be impractical.
  3. The proper distance from all property lines shall be maintained in accordance with local building and zoning laws.

A solar array consists of multiple panels or modules connected in series or in parallel to produce the desired current and voltage. The power produced by a solar array is Direct Current and is converted to Alternating Current in order to be used in conjunction with existing electrical service.