99% Uptime Guarantee

99% Uptime Guarantee for Solar

Our clients expect their systems to generate power at the highest level of efficiency to produce the maximum in revenue and savings. When a system is not operating at its full potential money is being lost but with our Uptime Guarantee you don’t lose a cent, SunWind shall compensate the system owner for lost revenue in the event of a system fault or failure.

SunWind, LLC is a leader in the solar industry when it comes to providing our clients with the peace of mind their Alternative Energy systems operate at peak performance. As the only company in the industry providing clients with an uptime guarantee as part of the 3 year warranty without additional upfront costs. While other companies require you to purchase this protection SunWind includes the uptime guarantee as part of the industry leading 3 year full parts and labor warranty on all commercial systems.

Protecting Your Investment

SunWind offers Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plans to ensure your Alternative Energy System is operating at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability throughout the life span of your installation. Administrated by and on behalf of SunWind, our experts will care for your PV or Wind inverter and system components with annual and semi-annual service.

With the purchase of a Preventative Maintenance Plan (PM), SunWind offers a 99% Uptime Guarantee. Extended Uptime guarantees may be purchased for solar systems at any time during the initial warranty period. Our Uptime guarantees are also available on most wind turbines and solar thermal systems. The options and costs vary based on the design of the system and marketable energy attributes.

•    Budgeted package to reduce unplanned maintenance costs
•    Inspect, calibrate and correct electronic systems
•    Software updates
•    Transferable to third party upon notification
•    Improved product reliability
•    Peace of mind/hassle free operation

Semi-Annual Service Plan

Temperature Checks on Various System Components:
•    Connections
•    Circuit Breakers
•    Associated controls
•    Record ambient operating temperature
•    Check inline fuses in the inverter and combiner 
boxes for signs of heating

Visual Inspection:
•    All equipment including solar racks, modules, inverters and disconnect switches.
•    Associated controls
•    Contacts and major components
•    Utility interconnection and meters
•    Inspect service and equipment grounds
•    Check the appearance and cleanliness of electrical 
cabinets and ventilation systems.
•    Check for corrosion on all terminals and cables
•    Check torque terminals, connectors, and bolts
•    Check the condition of both the AC and DC 
surge suppressors
•    Check the operation of all safety devices, 
including E-stop circuit, door switches, and 
•    Record voltage and current readings of the system during normal operating conditions
•    Measure and record all low-voltage power 
supply levels
•    Correct any deficiencies detected

Contact SunWind today to receive all of the details of our uptime guarantee for system SunWind installs or those installed by others.